Ana Amirpour

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Ana Amirpour debuted with the vampire movie A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night (2014).

The Bad Batch (2016) is a (poorly acted) horror set in a dystopian post-apocalyptic society.

Arlen, a young woman, is given a number and dropped in a desert beyond a fence. She walks alone in the desert until she finds a car. A vehicle approaches and she runs away. They capture her and she finds herself strapped to the floor. A woman saws off her arm and her leg. Meanwhile, body builders are exercising at what looks like a beach. An old woman drags Arlen on the sand to wash her wound. Arlen grabs a steel bar and kills the old woman. She then craws on her back out of the place. A mute pushing a shopping cart picks her up and delivers her to Comfort, a commune of people like her, expelled from society, running away from the cannibals. Five months later she has an artificial leg and can limp around. Meanwhile, a big man who has "Miami Man" tatooed on his chest is painting a little girl. Then he stops and walks towards a captive woman who begs him to let her go. He calmly knocks her out and then cooks her. Arlen arms herself with a pistol and walks out of Comfort. She finds Miami Man's wife and the little girl who are scavenging in a garbage dump: the woman has injured herself and can't run away. Arlen kills her in front of the child. Arlen then leads the kid to Comfort. The mute watches the scene in his binoculars. Miami Man finds the dead woman and nearby finds the mute who is also scavenging in the same dump. Miami Man shows him his painting of the kid and asks him whether he saw her. The mute demands that Miami Man first paints a picture of him. Then he writes that the kid is in Comfort. Meanwhile in Comfort a dj called Jimmy is playing electronic dance music, part of a "dream" organized by a sort of guru who tells them that they are the "bad batch", the ones rejected by society and expelled in the desert. Arlen joins the crowd that is taking drugs. While she is on drugs, the guru and his pregnant girlfriend invite the kid into their compound. Arlen wanders outside Comfort and is found by Miami Man who threatens to kill her if she doesn't find the kid. A motorcycle approaches: the biker offers Miami Man to trade the girl for gasoline (presumably he wants to eat Arlen, not have sex with her). Miami Man pretends to accept but then kills the man and steals his motorcycle. Miami Man also cuts his arm to eat it later. During a sand storm Miami Man and Arlen seem to become physically attracted. Then he cooks the arm while she watches. She asks him why he got sent to the desert and he tells her that he was an illegal immigrant from Cuba. She grabs his knife but can't find the moral strength to kill him. Someone else shoots him from behind. This other man rescues her and takes her back to Comfort. Later the mute finds Miami Man lying unconscious but not dead. Arlen looks for the kid but nobody has seen her. Eventually she finds out that the kid is kept in the compound by the guru. The compound is a harem of pregnant women. She enters it and the guru kindly explains that the economy of the commune runs on drugs. Arlen tells him that she wants to join the harem and be made pregnant like the others, but then, alone with his favorite, pulls out a pistol and takes her hostage. Arlen demands the release of the kid and then leaves Comfort. Outside they are met by Miami Man, who seems to be already healed of the gun wound. The kid is happy to see him. Miami Man is ready to leave with the kid. Arlen, who now has no place to go, wants to join them but he doesn't want her. Miami Man takes the rabbit that the kid has been keeping all the time, kills it and cooks it. Arlen eats it with them, implying that she has become part of the family (and maybe she'll soon become a cannibal herself).
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