Karl Anton also directed the first Czech talkie, Tonka Sibenice/ Tonka of the Gallows (1930), a Pabst-esque melodrama starring Ita Rina as a prostitute, an adaptation of Egon Kisch’s novella (which had first dramatized for the theater by Longen). It was first shot as a silent film and the sound was then added in France. The History of Cinema. Karl Anton: biography, filmography, reviews, ratings

Karl Anton

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Karl Anton imitated Mack Sennett's slapstick farces in Unos Bankere Fuxe/ The Kidnapping of Fux the Banker (1923), starring both Ondra and Lamac, and photographed by both Heller and Vaclav Vich (perhaps the two most respected cinematographers of the decade), and then made the more ambitious Pohadka Maje/ The May Fairy (1926), adapted by Vaclav Wasserman from Vilem Mrstik's novel and photographed by Vich (almost two hours long).

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