Dinara Asanova

6.5 Woodpeckers Don’t Get Headaches (1975)
6.8 Boys (1983)

Dinara Asanova, a Kirgiz in Saint Petersburg/ Leningrad, a pupil of Mikhail Romm, Dinara Asanova and her screenwriter Yuri Klepikov concocted Ne Bolit Golova u Diatla/ Woodpeckers Don’t Get Headaches (1975), about the love between two 14-year-old children, and especially Patsany/ Boys (1983) about juvenile delinquents.

She also directed Kliuch Bez Prava Peredachi/ The Restricted Key (1977), set in a high school with nonprofessional teenage actors, and Milyi Dorogoi Liubimyi Edinstvenriyi/ Dear Dearest Beloved (1984), scripted by Valery Premykhov who also stars, a film about a cynical teenage girl who steals a baby.

She died in 1985.

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