Sarunas Bartas

Best films:
, /10

Lithuanian filmmaker Sarunas Bartas made films that were increasingly visual, contemplative and meditative with little or no dialogue: the hermetic Trys Dienos/ Three Days (1991), photographed by Vladas Naud×ius and starring Yekaterina Golubeva, Koridorius/ The Corridor (1995), the ethnographic journey Musu Nedaug/ Few of Us (1996), filmed by Bartas himself and starring again Yekaterina Golubeva, and the visual poem Namai/ The House (1997).

Laisve/ Freedom (2000)

Septyni Nematomi ×mones/ Seven Invisible Men (2005)

Eurazijos Aborigenas/ Eastern Drift (2010)

Ramybe Musu Sapnuose/ Peace to Us in Our Dreams (2015)

Frost (2017)

Sutemose/ In the Dusk (2019)

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