Sergei Bondarchuk

6.8 The Fate of a Man (1959)
6.8 War and Peace (1967)

Sergei Bondarchuk first rose to prominence as an actor after his performances in Gerasimov’s Molodaia Gvardiia/ Young Guard (1948), in Yuli Raizman's Kavaler Zolotoi Zvezdy/ Knight of the Golden Star (1950), in Ihor Savchenko's Taras Shevchenko (1950, unfinished), and in Sergei Yutkevich's Othello (1956).

Bondarchuk turned to directing with the black-and-white Sudba Cheloveka/ The Fate of a Man (1959), based on a novella by Mikhail Sholokhov, with the mammoth 431-minute Lev Tolstoy adaptation Voina i Mir/ War and Peace (1967), which launched the career of actress Ludmila Savelyeva and of soundtrack composer Vyacheslav Ovchinnikov, and with his historical epic Oni Srazhalis za Rodinu/ They Fought for Their Country (1975), another Sholokhov adaptation.

After Step’/ Steppe (1977), Bondarchuk made the five-hour Krasnye Kolokola/ Red Bells (1982), based on John Reed's books about the revolutions in Mexico and Russia.

After Boris Godunov (1986), adapted from Aleksandr Pushkin, he adapted Sholokhov’s most famous novel for the ten-hour TV film Tikhii Don/ And Quiet Flows the Don (2006).

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