Zbynek Brynych

Best films:
, /10

The films of Zbynek Brynych (Czechoslovakia, 1927) were typical of the period of transition in Czech cinema, between the shy "Thaw" and the full-fledge "Prague Spring": the gloomy realist drama Zizkovska Romance/ Suburban Romance (1958), starring Jana Brejchova and photographed by Jan Curik, Transport z Raje/ Transport from Paradise (1962), about the Theresienstadt Ghetto, based on the memoir of Arnost Lustig (a survivor of the camp), starring Zdenek Stepanek and shot in documentary style by Curik, and A Paty Jezdec je Strach/ The Fifth Horseman is Fear (1964), a study of fear among Jews during the German occupation, adapted from Jana Belehradska's short story, shot by Jan Kalis in a style reminiscent of German expressionism and Alfred Hitchcock, and with an unusually creative jazz-classical soundtrack by Jiri Sternwald.

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