John Carney

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, /10

John Carney

the quasi=musical Once (2006)

A street singer has to run after a punk who tries to steal his jacket. The singer is a good-hearted man and forgives the thief. Later a Czech girl who sells flowers in the streets stops by to listen to him. She has done so before. She plays the piano and writes her own songs. He works in his father's shop fixing vacuum cleaners and she finds the excuse of a broken vacuum cleaner to spend an evening with him. She tells him that she likes his songs and they play together for a bit. She asks him about the girl who used to perform with him and he tells her that the girl cheated on him with another man and is gone forever, and admits that he is heartbroken. After fixing the vacuum cleaner in dad's shop, they work a bit on their music in his room and he asks her bluntly if she wants to sleep with him. She resents it and leaves. He finds her selling flowers in the street. She has just found a job as a cleaning lady. He insists to follow her home where he meets her mother and her daughter. They cook dinner for him. Three neighbors from the same country come to watch television. We see footage of his ex while he is practicing a new song. She helps him rent a studio to tape some of his songs for an audition. He boows his father's motorcycle to ride her to the coast. She tells him that she married a much older man but he remained in their country. They hire two street musicians to help them with the recording. After an exhausting weekend of recording she tells him that her husband is coming over. His father encourages him to go to the city and pursue his dream. He buys a piano for his Czech friend, who didn't want to see him before his departure, and calls his ex-girlfriend who lives in the big city. And then he takes his flight.

The mediocre Begin Again (2014)

Sing Street (2016)

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