Benny Chan

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6.0 New Police Story

Benny Chan San Ging Chaat Goo Si / New Police Story (2004) After a night of heavy drinking, a former cop, inspector chan, collapses in a narrow alley of the city, surrounded by the giant monsters of the skyscrapers. A ferocious gang carries out a spectacular bank heist. Inspector Chan tracks them down but it is a set up: his men are captured one by one, tied up, and left hanging from the ceiling. The gang?s leader confronts Chan and challenges him to duels whose prize is the lives of the policemen. Chang fails all of them and see each of his men collapse from the ceiling. Thus Chan becomes a drunkard. His young partner and his ex wife rescue him. Chan resumes his fight against the evil gang of acrobats, chasing them down skyscrapers and across the whole town. (Many scenes are reminiscent of Rush Hour). Eventually, he kills the girlfriend of his nemesis. His nemesis, in turn, kills his ex-wife. The final duel, again on the roof of a high-rise building, is won by Chan, who also saves the life of his partner. But the young officer will die anyway, victim of the same senseless violence. Everybody dies except Chan, the ultimate loner. Skyscrapers are the stage for his personal drama, and they represent the ultimate symbol of being small and pointless in a big city that requires superhuman skills to survive.
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