Clint Eastwood

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Clint Eastwood, a much better actor than director, directed diligently stereotypical Hollywood films, notably Unforgiven (1992), Absolute Power (1997), Space Cowboys (2000), and Changeling (2008).

American Sniper (2014) is a mediocre, painfully slow, war movie that indulges in foul language and third-rate domestic melodrama; an endless litany of shootouts with a cryptic ending that probably simply means that Eastwood didn't know how to end it.

The sniper of an elite unit deployed in Iraq is about to shoot a child that is carrying a weapon towards a military convoy. A flashback shows Chris being raised by a tough gun-loving father who taught him to fight like a wolf. Chris enrolled to avenge the terrorist attacks against US embassies in Africa. The flashback shows his training and his love affair with Taya, who becomes his wife just before his deployment in Iraq. Now the film rolls back to the first scene, where Chris the seasoned sniper is aiming at the child. The child starts running to throw the grenade, Chris kills him. The woman grabs the grenade and throw it at the troops. That is Chris' daily life. He kills a suicide bombers and insurgents. His fellow soldiers respect him. His wife is pregnant and misses him, but he is assigned to a special mission to capture the most wanted terrorist, nicknamed "Butcher" because of what he does to his victims. Chris' truck is attacked by terrorists just when his wife calls to tell him that she's expecting a boy. The Butcher gets away killing the males of the family that tried to help Chris' unit. The mission failed and the soldiers are sent back home. His wife is happy but Chris is not: after his baby is born Chris can't wait to go back to Iraq and find the butcher. On the way Chris meets his younger brother, who also enrolled and is a lot less excited about war. Despite being betrayed and ambushed, Chris' unit finally kills the Butcher. Back home, Chris meets a war veteran with an amputated leg in bar: Chris saved his life. A second child has been born to Taya. Chris gets angry at the hospital that his daughter is not taken care of. His wife doesn't recognize him. He is soon back in Iraq, surviving more ambushes and shootouts. More of his soldiers die. Back home, he attends a funeral with his wife of soldier who lost concentration because of a letter he received. Chris has become a legendary sniper. His wife is angry that Chris does not quit to stay with his family. Iraq: almost kills a child who picked up a rocket launcher His legend grows bigger, but one day Chris, surrounded by enemies, calls his wife that he wants to go home. A helicopter rescues his group. She hears the shooting in the phone and doesn't know if he escaped alive. Chris is in fact left behind, but eventually saved. When he is sent back home, he spends hours in a bar before facing his wife. At home he still hears the war, staring at the television that is not on. Chris overreacts at a barbeque when a dog attacks a child. He is haunted by all the guys he didn't save. One day he goes hunting with his son, and now his wife is proud of him. However, he gets killed by a veteran and many people attend his funeral.
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