Judit Elek

Best films:
, /10

Judit Elek (Hungary, 1937), a founding member of the Balazs Bela Studio, debuted with shorts and documentaries, and then directed Sziget a Szarazfoldon/ The Lady from Constantinople (1969). In the next decade she mostly directed documentaries. Then came her most productive decade, during which she made: Vizsgalat Martinovics Ignac Szaszvari Apat es Tarsainak Ugyeben/ The Trial of Martinovics and the Hungarian Jacobins (1980), Majd Holnap/ Maybe Tomorrow (1980), Maria-nap/ Maria's Day (1984), and Tutajosok/ Memoirs of a River (1989), for which 14 sheep were burned alive. Her last films were Ebredes/ Awakening (1995) and A Het Nyolcadik Napja/ The Eighth Day of the Week (2006).

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