Metin Erksan

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Film critic Metin Erksan (born Ismail Metin Karamanbey) rose to prominence with the blockbuster Sofor Nebahat/ Taxi Driver Nebahat (1960), scripted by poet Attila Ilhan, in which female star Sezer Sezin played a male character (a taxi driver). Then for three years he was a prolific auteur devoted to controversial social melodramas: Aci Hayat/ Bitter Life (1962), in which a woman is raped, photographed by Ali Ugur, starring Ayhan Isik and Turkan Soray (at the beginning of a career that would total more than 200 films), and with music by Fecri Ebcioglu (credited as writing the first Turkish lyrics for a foreign pop song the year before); Yilanlarin Ocu/ Revenge of the Snakes (1962), adapted from Fakir Baykurt's novel and scored by Yalcin Tura; Susuz Yaz/ Dry Summer/ Reflections (1963), adapted from Necati Cumali's 1962 novel, photographed by Ali Ugur, scored by Greek composer Manos Hacidakis, the film that launched the career of Turkish diva Hulya Kocyigit, the only Turkish film to win an international award until the 2000s; Suclular Aramizda/ Criminals Among Us (1964); Sevmek Zamani/ Time to Love (1965), a love story inspired by Sufi tales; and Kuyu/ The Hole (1968), in which a woman kills the man who kidnapped, tortured and raped her.

Seytan (1974) is a remake of The Exorcist.

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