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There's Something About Mary (1998) e` una farsa adolescenziale dai toni spesso volgari.

Ted e` un giovane depresso e alienato che racconta allo psicanalista come tredici anni prima venne scelto a sorpresa da Mary, di cui era invaghito, come "date" alla "prom", ma rovino` la serata con una serie di madornali castronerie (dopo una colluttazione con il fratello scemo di Mary, che non tollera di essere toccato nelle orecchie, si prese il pene nella cerniera e dovette essere ricoverato in ospedale).
Un amico lo convince ad assumere un detective privato, Pat, per rintracciare Mary. Pat la ritrova in Florida, ancora single e piu` avvenente che mai. Lavora come volontaria in un centro per handicappati e fa compagnia alla bizzarra vicina che ha la passione di intercettare le i telefoni cellulari degli altri. L'investigatore a sua volta piazza un microfono su Mary in maniera da poter ascoltare tutte le sue conversazioni. Apprende cosi` quale sarebbe l'uomo ideale di Mary. Torna da Ted e gli racconta una storia fasulla: Mary e` bruttissima e insopportabile. Ma poi si dimette e si trasferisce in Florida. Li` corteggia Mary presentandosi come l'uomo dei suoi sogni. Ted e` sempre piu` depresso, finche' apprende per caso che Mary e` ancora la stessa ragazza splendida di un tempo, e naturalmente si mette sulle tracce di Pat. Pat intanto quasi da` fuoco al cane della vicina di Mary nel tentativo di ingraziarselo e continua a inventare una storia dopo l'altra: architetto, casa in Nepal, dedito alla causa dei ritardati mentali... Ted sta guidando verso la Florida ma viene arrestato in una retata della polizia, scambiato prima per un prostituto omosessuale e poi per un serial killer.
Mary ha un caro amico, Tucker, un invalido che cammina con le stampelle, che la mette in guardia da Pat dopo aver controllato che le sue credenziali sono tutte false. Ma Pat ascolta tutto e puo` prendere le contromisure del caso. Ted, intanto, rilasciato, riprende il viaggio, accompagnato questa volta dall'amico. Questi ha scoperto che Pat si e` innamorato di Mary. Pat intanto si e` fatto perdonare da Mary e lei gli e` cascata fra le braccia. Ted e l'amico arrivano. Ted si fa avanti ma non ha il coraggio di raccontarle tutta la verita` e si limita a corteggiarla a sua volta. Pat apprende della presenza di Ted tramite il microfono nascosto. Tucker intanto ha scoperto che Pat e` un pericoloso omicida e convince Mary a smettere di vederlo.
Ma Pat lo segue e lo smaschera a sua volta: Tucker e` soltanto un ragazzo che consegna pizze e che, invaghitosi di Mary, ha deciso di impersonare un aristocratico invalido.
Intanto Ted viene convinto dall'amico a masturbarsi prima della "date" con Mary. Lo sperma gli rimane appeso all'orecchia e Mary, ignara, lo usa per aggiustarsi la capigliatura. A cena Mary gli parla della sua vita circondata da "stalkers", ma maniaci che la perseguitano, a partire dal Woogie per il quale lei dovette cambiare cognome. Ted si rende conto di essere semplicemente uno di loro. Pat e Tucker li spiano e causano qualche catastrofe a Ted, ma non riescono a impedire che i due continuino a vedersi. Finche' qualcuno non scrive una lettera anonima a Mary e rivela che Pat e` l'investigatore assunto da Ted per spiarla. Mary, naturalmente, e` sconvolta nell'apprendere che anche Ted le ha mentito come tutti gli altri e lo mette alla porta. Ted pensa che sia stato Pat a smascherarlo, ma Pat giura la loro innocenza. E non e` stato Tucker, che peraltro conferma di aver fatto fallire tutte le precedenti relazioni di Mary con rivelazioni fasulle. E` stato l'amico di Ted, che si scopre essere proprio lo psicotico Woogie. Tucker e Pat salvano Mary dall'attacco di Woogie, ma Tucker rivela in tal modo di non essere l'invalido che Mary ha creduto suo amico del cuore. Tutti e quattro si ritrovano davanti a Mary. Ted ha chiamato anche Brett, il vecchio ragazzo di Mary screditato da una menzogna di Tucker, e glielo "consegna". Giura a Mary di essere guarito, di non aver piu` bisogno di lei, e se ne va. Ma appena fuori scoppia a piangere. Ma Mary lo insegue.

Green Book (2019) is a diligent biopic that mostly focuses on the buddy who didn't become famous (the white man) rather than on the genius (the black man). The film is overlong with rarely a spark of imagination. We follow the duo in their tour of the racist south but nothing that happens really stirs our emotions. In the 1960s Tony is a bouncer for a New York night club. The club is closing for renovation and he needs a job for two months. He is a good husband and good father of two children, surrounded by a large Italian family. He is popular in his neighborhood and wins a eating context at a local joint. After turning down the invitation from friends in the mob, he is summoned at the office of a "Doctor" who turns out to be a black pianist. His office is decorated with African motives and the pianist sits on a sort of throne. He speaks in a snobbish highly educated tone. He wants Tony to be his chaffeur and butler during a two-month tour. Tony would like the job but doesn't want to play butler, so he declines even though he has to pawn his watch to buy food for the family. The "doctor" calls him and asks to speak with his wife. He offers more money and the wife is sold, even though the tour ends on Christmas eve. The day when they start the trip Tony is given a "green book" that contains the list of hotels, restaurants and gas stations that serve blacks: the southern states are still segregating blacks out of most white establishments. Two musicians (one of them Russian) travel in another car. The trip begins with the almost illiterate Tony trying in vain to strike a conversation with the educated intellectual black musician. Tony can't believe that the "doc" doesn't know any of the black pop stars of the time. The "doc" is a classical pianist, not a pop pianist. They sleep in a luxury hotel and dine in a high-class restaurant. The doc is ashamed to hear that Tony played dice with the staff while he was playing Chopin in front of an ecstatic (and white) audience. Doc is also implacable in making Tony behave: when Tony steals a jade rock from a store, Doc forces him to return it. Tony, on the other hand, strictly enforces respect for his boss. When a (white) technician sets up a lousy piano on stage, Tony does not hesitate to beat him up to get a proper grand piano. Tony writes semi-illiterate letters to his wife. Doc admits to Tony that he lives a rather lonely life, divorced and distanced from his brother. Don, who has been trying in vain to teach Tony good manners, begins to like Tony's low-class manners. Tony even teaches him how to eat fried chicken with his hands. One night Doc has no choice but to sleep in the only hotel for blacks while Tony can sleep in a better hotel across the street. Doc, uncomfortable amid the poor blacks of the neighborhood, makes the mistake of going for a walk and is harassed by white men. Tony has to rescue him pretending to have a gun. He tells Doc that he bluffed and has no gun. Then the car breaks down and Doc has a chance to observe the grim lives of black sharecroppers, who in return stare at the rare black traveling in the back of a car. The Doc is welcomed as the special guest in a sort of plantation mansion but the host refuses to let him use the bathroom that is reserved for white people. Doc asks Tony to drive him back to the hotel rather than use the outdoors toilet for blacks. Doc starts helping Tony with the letters that he write to his wife. His letters become more and more poetic and romantic. In a store Doc is not allowed to try a jacket. Episodes of racism rapidly get worse as they enter more and more racist areas, even though Doc performs in front of enthusiastic crowds. One day Tony has to rescue Doc from a bigger trouble: he is caught by the cops indulging in homosexual sex with one of the duo. Tony bribes the cops to let them free. Doc is not grateful but furious. On the other hand, Doc is afraid when Tony is offered a job by the mafia boys who are accidentally staying at the same hotel. It turns out that Doc understands Italian. Tony, however, tells him not to worry. Doc now dictates the letters that Tony "writes" to his wife. After another performance and standing ovation, they are stopped by curious cops in a rural area while it's raining. The cops can't believe that a white man works for a black man. One of them insults Tony's Italian heritage and Tony strikes him. The cops throws them in jail. Doc asks to call his lawyer. Minutes later, the governor of the state calls the sheriff to immediately release him. Doc lectures Tony on dignity, but also cries that he is neither black nor white. They are at the end of the tour, the Christmas show. Doc is received as a star, as usual, but forbideen to dine with the white guests in the restaurant for whites only. This time Doc leaves without playing. Tony and Doc stop a night club for blacks. Everybody stares at Doc, who is still wearing his tuxedo. Tony tells the bartender that Doc is a virtuoso pianist and the bartender invites him to play on stage. Doc plays on a bad piano and the audience is ecstatic. He then accepts to play with the black musicians. He finally mingled with blacks. Outside Tony's familiarity with criminals helps: he fires his gun to scare away two thugs who are ready to assault them. Doc realizes that Tony was not bluffing that night, he really had a gun. Doc decides to drive back to New York, drive all night so that Tony can spend Christmas Eve with his family. Cops stop them in the middle of a snowstorm, but this time the cops want to help fix one of the tires. Tony can't drive anymore, he's too tired. Doc takes over and starts driving the sleeping Tony. They arrive just in time for Tony to join the big dinner with his family. Tony invites Doc to join them but Doc prefers to spend the evening alone in his studio. Later, however, Doc shows up at Tony's door and Tony introduces him to all the Italian relatives, who are initially surprised to see a black man but then embrace him. Tony's wife thanks Doc for helping Tony write the letters: she guessed that. (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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