Pal Fejos

Best films:
, /10

Hungarian filmmaker Pal Fejos emigrated to the USA and eventually reached Hollywood where he directed The Last Moment (1927) and especially Lonesome (1928), a mostly silent tribute to Coney Island that unfolds over a 24-hour period during the Fourth of July weekend, notable mainly for its visual effects (even some color) and for the focus on the lonely lives of the working class (the original silent film was 69-minute long but three spoken scenes were added to make it a "talkie").

By far the best Hungarian film of the two decades between the world wars was Pal Fejos' Tavaszi Zapor/ Marie Legende Hongroise/ Spring Shower (1932), a poetic and surreal fresco of rustic, patriarchal life, made in exile before retiring to a documentary career.

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