Martin Fric

Best films:
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The prolific Martin Fric, a frequent Lamac collaborator who directed Lamac the actor in movies such as Kantor Ideal/ The Ideal Schoolmaster (1932) and S Vyloucenim Verejnosti/ Public Not Admitted (1933), both written by Wasserman and photographed by Heller, adapted Longen farces for Burian such as Anton Spelec Ostrostrelec/ Anton Spelec the Sharp-Shooter (1932) and Pobocnik Jeho Vysosti/ His Majesty's Aide-de-camp (1933), both photographed by Heller, and directed Hugo Haas in movies photographed by Vich such as Zivot je Pes/ Life is a Dog (1933) and Mazlicek/ The Little Pet (1934). Fric's most ambitious films were perhaps Revizor/ The Inspector General (1933), an adaptation of Gogol's 1836 play, starring Burian and photographed by Stallich, and the Slovak-language Janosik (1935) about the Slovak national hero; but he also directed two political comedies conceived and performed by Jiri Voskovec and Jan Werich (the pillars of the Osvobozene Divadlo): Hej Rup/ Workers Let's Go (1934) and Svet Patri Nam/ The World Is Ours (1937). Later, Fric directed the screwball comedies Kristian (1939) and Eva Tropi Hlouposti/ Eve does Stupid Things (1939) that turned operetta actor/singer Oldrich Novy into a movie star.

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