Istvan Gaal

Best films:
, /10

Istvan Gaal (Hungary, 1933) debuted with Sodrasban (1963), followed by Keresztelo/ Baptism (1968), which he called a "sonata", Magasiskola/ High School/ The Falcons (1970), adapted from Miklos Meszoly's novella, Holt Videk/ Dead Landscape (1972), starring Mari Torocsik, about a woman oppressed by feudal legacies in a village abandoned by emigrants, Legato (1977), a variation on Szabo's Apa/ Father in which a young man revisits his father's wartime events, and Cserepek/ Potsherds/ Buffer Zone (1980), about the urban alienation of a designer who moved from the countryside to the city.

His most ambitious project was an adaptation of Gluck’s opera, Orfeusz es Euridike/ Orpheus and Eurydice (1985).

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