Pal Gabor

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Pal Gabor (Hungary, 1932) was a simple and didactic filmmaker at the time of socialist realism. He debuted with Tiltott Terulet/ Forbidden Ground (1968), his first collaboration with screenwriter Endre Veszi, photographed by Janos Zsombolyai, followed by Horizont (1970), again with Zsombolyai, Utazas Jakabbal/ Travel with Jacob (1972), about two direction-less young men who travel the country for work and try to have fun, and A Jarvany (1975). Angi Vera (1978), written by Endre Veszi and starring Vera Pap, is a scathing portrait of a careerist woman who climbs the ladder of the political apparatus by cynically exploiting opportunities. After the love melodrama Kettevalt Mennyezet/ Wasted Lives (1981), written again by Veszi, he made the English-language Hosszu Vagta/ The Long Ride/ Brady's Escape (1983), which actually has very little dialogue because it's about an English airman shot down during World War II who hides among Hungarian peasants who don't speak English. His last film was the Italian-language A Menyasszony Gyonyoru Volt/ The Bride Was Beautiful (1986).

Gabor still lived in Hungary but died in Italy in 1987.

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