Leonid Gaidai

6.5 Prisoner of the Caucasus (1966)
6.7 The Diamond Arm (1969)

Russian director Leonid Gaidai debuted with Dolgii Put/ The Long Path (1956), an adaptation of Vladimir Korolenko co-directed with Valentin Nevzorov. His satirical comedy Zhenikh s Togosveta/ The Bridegroom from the Otherworld (1958) was massacred by the censors.

Trizhdy Voskresshii/ Thrice Resurrected (1960)

The two short farces Pes Barbos i Neobychainyi Kross/ Barbos the Dog and an Unusual Cross-Country Race (1961) and Samogonshchiki/ Bootleggers (1961) introduced the trio a` la Three Stooges of the "Coward" (Georgiy Vitsin), the "Fool" (Yuri Nikulin) and the "Experienced". The series of comedies continued with Operatsiia ‘Y’ i Drugie Prikliucheniia Shurika/ Operation “Y” and Other Adventures of Shurik (1965) and Brilliantovaia Ruka (1968) and especially with blockbusters such as Kavkazskaia Plennitsa/ Prisoner of the Caucasus (1966) and Brilliantovaya Ruka/ The Diamond Arm (1969).

His literary adaptations include: Dvenadtsat Stulev/ The Twelve Chairs (1971), from Ilf's and Petrov's novel, Ne Mozhet Byt/ This Can’t Be True (1975), based on stories by Mikhail Zoshchenko, and especially Ivan Vasilevich Meniaet Professiiu/ Ivan Vasil’evich Changes His Job (1973), based on Mikhail Bulgakov’s 1935 play (only published in 1965).

After Inkognito iz Peterburga/ Incognito from Petersburg (1978), from Nikolai Gogol's "Inspector General", and Za Spichkami/ Borrowing Matchsticks (1980), based on stories by Maiju Lassila (born Algoth Untola), Gaidai returned to comedy with Sportloto-82 (1982), Opasno dlia Zhizni/ Dangerous for Life (1985), Chastnyi Detektiv ili Operatsiia ‘Kooperatsiia’ The Private Detective or Operation 'Cooperation' (1989), and especially Na Deribasovskoi Khoroshaia Pogoda/ On Deribasovskaia the Weather Is Fine (1992). -->

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