Rodrigo Garcia

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Passengers (2008) is a metaphysical thriller.

Claire is a psychologist who is hired to help the survivors of a plane crash. Claire falls in love with one of them, Eric, who convinces that she should make peace with her estranged sister after so many years of hostility. The other passengers begin to disappear and Claire comes up with a conspiracy theory that the airline is somehow killing them to cover up a mechanical failure. One day she is approached by an official from the airline who states that no passenger survived the crash: they are disappearing because they only existed in her imagination. She suddenly realizes what is going one: she frantically looks for the list of passengers on the plane and she realizes that she too was on that plane. She is dead. The official walks out confessing that he was the pilot of the plane and that it was his fault that the plane crashed. Now she begins to remember what happened, in particular the very moment when the plane started diving. Her sister visits her empty apartment and finds a note that Claire was writing to her.
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