Alex Garland

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Alex Garland (Britain, 1970) debuted as a writer with the novel "The Beach" (1996), which later became a film directed by Danny Boyle. Garland wrote the screenplay for Boyle's 28 Days Later (2002) and Sunshine (2007).

Garland then directed the science fiction film Ex Machina (2015).

People clap at a young man in an office: Caleb has just won some kind of competition. A few days later a helicopter drops him in the jungle. The pilot tells him to follow the river to the building. The building recognizes him and opens its door. The host, Nathan, is an arrogant millionaire who shows the young man to his room, a room with no windows. Nathan makes the young man sign a non-disclosure agreement to keep everything as secret as possible. Caleb has been hired to test an AI, to perform the ultimate Turing Test, to find out if this AI has become conscious. The AI happens to be a gently sexy female, Ava, easily recognizable as a robot because some body parts are transparent. Nathan watches them interact from the monitors of his room. The only other person in the building is a woman in white, who seems to be mute and who acts as Nathan's maid. Ava is kept inside a glass cage. Ava demands to learn more about Caleb, turning the tables on him. Caleb tells her that he lost his parents in a car crash.. The power goes off, and presumably Nathan cannot watch them anymore. Then Ava quickly tells Caleb that he cannot trust Nathan. The power goes on again and she resumes the conversation where she had interrupted it. The woman in white, Kyoko, can't speak English. Nathan is puzzled by the power cuts. He asks Caleb what happened during the power cut and Caleb lies. Nathan confesses that he tapped onto search engine traffic and hacked millions of cell phones in order to harvest the material that made Ava so realistic. Ava wears nice clothes, stockings and a wig, and asks Caleb if he is attracted to her. She undresses in front of him. Nathan admits that he put sensors between her legs to make her feel pleasure if someone touches her there. Caleb tells Ava that he is there to test whether she is conscious. Power cut: Ava tells Caleb that she has figured out how to cause the power cuts. She has found a way to outsmart Nathan and have private conversations with Caleb. Nathan takes Caleb for a walk into a glacier (in the jungle?) and tells him that he chose him because he wanted the smartest coder. When Caleb meets Kyoko alone, she starts undressing as if this were her routine. Nathan turns on the music and psychedelic lights and Kyoko starts dancing. Nathan gets drunk. Power cut: Ava can tell when Caleb is lying. She asks him what will happen to her if she fails the test. Nathan admits to Caleb that he is already working on the next AI, that will retain Ava's body but replace her software. Nathan, drunk, falls asleep. Caleb uses his card to enter the monitoring station and watches videos of the previous AIs. Caleb then finds mannequins in every closet. A naked Kyoko reveals the circuits under her skin: she is a robot too. Later, alone in his room, he has doubts: maybe he too is an android; and so he inspects his body and cuts his arm to make it bleed. Ava dresses like an ordinary girl. Power cut: Caleb tells her that she's doomed to die, and wants to save her and has an escape plan. He will get Nathan drunk and she would cause a power cut. It is the eve of Caleb's return to civilization. Nathan surprises him by declaring that he vowed not to drink anymore. Caleb tells him that Ava passed the test. But Nathan watched him plot with Ava. Nathan told Ava she'd have a way out if she could convince Caleb to help her escape. Caleb was selected not because he was the smartest but because he is a good kid who has no family and no girlfriend, relatively easy to dupe. Caleb feels humiliated. Nathan knows that Ava indeed passed the test: she fooled Caleb, a human being. Ava triggers the power cut for the escape. Nathan is sure that nothing will happen, but Caleb had guessed that Nathan was watching them during the power cuts and has already got him drunk and reprogrammed the security system, which now opens and lets Ava out. Ava is facing Kyoko whispering to her. Nathan knocks out Caleb unconscious and grabs a piece of metal. Ava attacks him, Nathan prevails and begins to dismantle her but Kyoko stabs him in the back. He punches Kyoko unconscious but Ava stabs him in the chest. Now he's really dead. Ava takes his card. The mutilated Ava opens all the closets and finds the bodies of the previous AIs. She replaces her arm and takes another robot's skin to cover her belly. She turns herself into a beautiful naked woman. Caleb is watching from a window. Then she puts on a nice dress and walks out, leaving Caleb locked into the building The helicopter is coming to pick up Caleb but instead finds Ava and picks her up, transporting her to the city where she roams the streets while Caleb is condemned to die in the jungle. Ava has doublecrossed both men. She definitely passed the Turing test.
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