Philippe Garrel

7.2 The Inner Scar (1971)
7.0 Les Hautes Solitudes (1974)
7.0 Emergency Kisses (1989)
7.0 J'Entends Plus la Guitare (1991)
7.0 Regular Lovers (2004)
6.0 Frontier of Dawn (2008)
6.0 A Burning Hot Summer (2011)
7.0 Jealousie (2013)
6.2 In the Shadow of Women (2015)
7.0 Lover for a Day (2017)

Philippe Garrel (France, 1948) debuted with the 15-minute short Les Enfants Desaccordes (1964).

Marie pour Memoire (1967)

Le Revelateur (1968)

Le Lit de la Vierge/ The Virgin's Bed (1969)

La Cicatrice Interieure/ The Inner Scar (1971)

short Athanor (1972)

Les Hautes Solitudes (1974)

Le Berceau de Cristal (1975)

Voyage au Jardin des Morts (1978)

Le Bieu des Origines (1979)

L'Enfant Secret (1982), a project started in 1979,

Liberte' la Nuit (1984)

the short Rue Fontaine (1984)

Elle a Passe' tant d'Heures sous les Sunlights/ She Spent So Many Hours Under the Sun Lamps (1985)

Les Baisers de Secours/ Emergency Kisses (1989)

The semi-autobiographical J'Entends plus la Guitare/ I Can No Longer Hear the Guitar (1991), dedicated to Garrel's former girlfriend Nico who died in 1988, is a film of stark psychological analysis of self-destructive love, filmed in Garrel's trademark style of long takes and closeups. It is particularly fascinating to see Garrel reenacting his marriage breakup with his ex-wife played by... his ex-wife.

The film opens at the beach. A couple in bed: Gerard and Marianne. He asks her if she wants a baby. She says no. Another couple, Martin and Lolla, discuss reality and love. Martin, a painter, and Gerard (whose occupation is never given) are buddies. Marianne is jealous of Lolla, but Gerard claims that she's only his buddy's woman. Then we move to the city. Gerard and Marianne visit Marianne's son, who lives his granma. Gerard would be willing to adopt the boy but Marianne tells him that it would be a bureaucratic nightmare. Marianne is complicated and insecure. Fast forward again, and a devastated Gerard is telling Martin that Marianne left him. Martin too has been dumped by Lolla. The two men agree that they deserve it because they stopped loving them, although not realizing that they did. Gerard has an affair with a married woman, Linda, but then out of the blue Marianne returns, simply saying that the other man is in jail and now she wants to stay forever with Gerard. Gerard watches when she pees and kisses her. She introduces him to heroin. Linda is being abused by her husband and comes to Gerard looking for moral support. She asks him to make love to her and, when Gerard refuses, she leaves disappointed. Gerard and Marianne become addicts until Gerard is pennyless. Gerard leaves her and gives Martin a farewell letter for Marianne in case he died. Marianne moves back to her mother's place in Germany. A new woman, Aline (played by actress Brigitte Sy, in real life Garrel's ex-wife), moves in with Gerard (only introduced as "a friend of Catherine's", even though the film has no Catherine). He marries her and they have a son. Years later Marianne shows up again. They meet in a cafe. She has kicked the habit and is now "clean". They have sex in a hotel room and then he returns to his family. Gerard disappears and a worried Aline calls Marianne who denies knowing where he is. But he is with her, and doing drugs again. Marianne and Aline meet in a cafe and Aline gets angry at Marianne's cold and cynical demeanor. Nonetheless when Aline leaves it's Marianne who cries. In fact, Gerard returns to Aline. But Gerard is soon involved in another affair, this time with a friend of Aline's. One day Aline informs Gerard that Marianne died in a bicycle accident. Gerard is hurt. He travels to the island where Marianne was vacationing and visits the spot where she died. Gerard meets Martin and tells him that he has a six-month old son. There's yet another woman in his life, the young Adrienne. This time Aline had enough and asks him to move out.

La Naissance de l'Amour/ The Birth of Love (1993)

Le Coeur Fantome/ Phantom Heart (1996)

Le Vent de la Nuit/ Night Wind (1999)

Sauvage Innocence/ Wild Innocence (2001)

The three-hour Les Amants Reguliers/ Regular Lovers (2004)

La Frontiere de l'Aube/ Frontier of Dawn (2008)

Un Ete' Brulant/ A Burning Hot Summer (2011)

La Jalousie/ Jealousy (2013)

L'Ombre des Femmes/ In the Shadow of Women (2015)

L'Amant d'un Jour/ Lover for a Day (2017)

Le Sel des Larmes/ The Salt of Tears (2020)

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