Henrik Ruben Genz

7.0 Someone Like Hodder (2003)
7.0 Terribly Happy (2008)

Henrik Ruben Genz (Denmark, 1959) debuted with shorts such as Omveje, Detours/ Cross Roads (1995) and Bror min Bror/ Brother my Brother/ Theis and Nico (1999).

En som Hodder/ Someone Like Hodder (2003), an adaptation of Bjarne Reuter's children's book, is a charming fairy tale.

Hodder, the narrator of the movie, is a child who lives with his widowed father. His father's job is to hang posters at night around the city. He has no friends. He is bullied by schoolmates, who otherwise ignore him. His deskmate is Kamma from Iceland, a girl who eats disgusting food. Schoolmate Filip has both parents but they argue all the time and Filip is ashamed of it. One night he dreams that a fairy emerges from a poster and tells him that he has been chosen to save the world. He tells his teacher. He likes her perfume. She is annoyed by him and tells him never to talk again to her. Later she is friendlier and tells him that her perfume is called "Harem Dreams" and she saw it advertised on a poster. The fairy returns one night complaining that he hasn't done anything yet to save the world. His excuse is that nobody believes him. Hodder would like to befriend Filip but Filip doesn't want to socialize with him. Hodder feels that saving the whole world is too much for a boy, so he picks a random place on the map, a tiny island off the African coast, Guambilua, as the place where to begin. He tells about the fairy and about Guambilua to an adult neighbor, Lola, who leaves every night in a taxi. One day the schoolmates vote the best in each category and Hodder wins as the ugliest kid. His father is his only friend. Hodder is delighted when his father takes him on the night shift to hang posters. Hodder invites Filip to go on the Guambilua expedition. Filip accepts upon one condition: that Hodder takes the blame for a fight. Hodder then invites top bully Alex, who accepts after chatting with Filip. Hoddern is now convinced that he has a team. He invites them to his place to plan the expedition and prepares dessert for them. But the two kids were just making fun of him. He looks for Filip at his home and finds out that his parents are splitting. Filip is resentful that Hodder knows of his family situation. He doesn't want others to know. Hodder seems to be never sad, no matter what the other kids do to him. He's ready to get happy as soon as his father makes a joke. When word spreads among the schoolmates that Filip's parents are splitting up, Filip gets mad and decides that Hodder is the one who spread the rumor. Filip follows him, perhaps to beat him up, but then sees Hodder's wristwatch, his mother's wristwatch, that stopped at the time when she died. Filip stops in front of Hodder's house and stays there even when it starts raining. Hodder walks downstairs to offer Filip an umbrella. Filip tells him that he hates him. Filip disappears. The following day in class Kamma pulls out a sheep's intestine and the teacher faints. Hodder gets blamed. He dreams that Lola takes him to a boxing match and boxer Big Mac and Lola accept to join his expedition. It's Christmas time. The fairy shows up again and has the face of his mother. Filip reappears at school. Alex the bully mocks Hodder and doesn't let him enter the building. The children celebrate Christmas with the teacher while Hodder is running away. Filip stops him from falling into the river and takes him to class, defying Alex the bully. Filip is now Hodder's protector. The chief of Guambilua, William, shows up. Lola and Big Mac also show up. They are ready for the expedition. But now Hodder tells them that he prefers to stay home. This is probably in his imagination. Then Lola shows up for real. His father has prepared a Christmas dinner. Hodder invites Lola to join them. Lola accepts. Hodder is finding a new wife for his father.

Kinamand/ Chinaman (2005)

Frygtelig Lykkelig/ Terribly Happy (2008) is the adaptation of a novel by Erling Jepsen.

Genz also directed TV series such as Forbrydelsen/ The Killing (2007) and Borgen (2010).

Undskyld jeg Forstyrrer/ Excuse Me (2012)

Good People (2014) is an adaptation of Marcus Sakey's 2008 novel.

Tordenskjold & Kold/ Satisfaction 1720 (2016)

Word of God/ Gud Taler Ud (2017)

Erna i Krig/ Erna at War (2020)

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