Karpo Godina

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Karpo Godina

Slovenian cinematographer Karpo Godina rose to prominence photographing Zelimir Zilnik's Rani Radovi/ Early Works (1969) and Lordan Zafranovic's Muke po Mati/ Passion According to Matthew (1975).

At the same time Godina made several experimental shorts, notably the 14-minute documentary Zdravi Ljudi za Razonodu/ Healthy People for Recreation (1971), with a soundtrack by future rock musicians Predrag and Mladen Vranesevic and future jazz musician Branko Andric. Unfortunately this led to the government banning him from directing.

After eight years, he was finally able to direct two stylish films: Splav Meduze/ The Medusa Raft (1980), written by Branko Vucicevic, and boasting a soundtrack by brothers Predrag and Mladen Vranesevic (later the founders of rock band Laboratorija Zvuka), set in the 1920s, about a group of nomadic eccentric artists assembled around a bohemian poet who worships Dada and Futurism (almost a Yugoslav version of the California hippies of the 1960s), and Rdeci Boogie/ Red Boogie (1982), written by Slovenian writer Branko Somen, set in 1948 (the year when Tito split from Stalin), which criticized socialist realism through the mis-adventures of five young musicians who love jazz sent to cheer up cooperative workers with folk songs.

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