Peter Gothar

Best films:
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Peter Gothar (Hungary, 1947) debuted with several TV movies and then depicted the absurd society of communist Hungary in Ajandek ez a Nap/ A Priceless Day (1979).

He also directed Megall az Ido/ Time Stands Still (1982), written by Geza Beremenyi and photographed by Lajos Koltai, a nostalgic fresco of teenager life in the 1960s, a sort of Hungarian version of George Lucasís American Graffiti, and two Kafka-esque stories written by Peter Esterhazy: the comedy Ido Van (1985) and Tiszta Amerika/ Pure America (1987).

Melodrama (1991)

A Reszleg/ The Outpost (1995)

Haggyallogva Vaszka/ Vaska Easoff (1996)

Paszport (2001) -->

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