Zoltan Huszarik

Best films:
, /10

Zoltan Huszarik (1931), the third great experimental filmmaker of his generation with Miklos Jancso and Gabor Body, started out with shorts such as Groteszk/ Grotesque (1963), photographed by Sandor Sara, the groundbreaking Elegia/ Elegy (1965), Capriccio (1969), and Tisztelet az Oregasszonyoknak/ Homage to Old Ladies (1971).

His first feature film was the stylish and surrealistic Szindbad/ Sinbad (1971), photographed by Sandor Sara, based on short-stories by Gyula Krudy that become a Fellini-esque journey into the past.

Another notable experimental short was A Piacere/ As You Like It (1976), a macabre study of different kinds of death.

Crontvary (1980) is both a biopic of the Hungarian painter Tivadar Csontvary Kosztka and a postmodernist reflection on cinema (the actor playing the painter is also himself a subject of the film). The commercial and critical failure of this film led Huszarik to kill himself in 1981.

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