Karel Kachyna

6.8 The Sorrows of Lenka (1961)
6.5 The Hope (1963)
6.5 Long Live the Republic (1965)
6.5 Coach To Vienna (1966)
6.8 Noc Nevesty/ Holy Night/ The Nun's Night (1967)
7.0 The Ear (1970)

Karel Kachyna (Czechoslovakia, 1924) collaborated with cinematographer Josef Illik for the war movie Tenkrat o Vanocich/ That Time at Christmas (1958) and for Kral Sumavy/ Smugglers of Death (1959), about the smugglers helping people to flee Czechoslovakia across the mountains.

He collaborated with screenwriter Jan Prochazka for his extensive Bergman-ian phase, notably for the trilogy on romantic teenage girls that started with Trapeni/ Suffering/ The Sorrows of Lenka (1961), a lyrical tribute to nature, and includes Zavrat/ Vertigo (1962), in which a naive girl of a mining village falls in love with an older man, and Vysoka Zed/ High Wall (1964), in which a little girl has a crush for an older man in a city hospital; but also for the morality tale Pouta (1961), Nadeje/ The Hope (1963), about an alcoholic and a prostitute against the backdrop of a vast and alienating factory, At Zije Republicka/ Long Live the Republic (1965), which views the end of the war (retreating Germans and invading Russians) through the eyes of a young boy, the anti-war movie Kocar Do Vidne/ Coach To Vienna (1966), which reunited him with Illik and launched Iva Janzurova, the anti-communist ballad Noc Nevesty/ Holy Night/ The Nun's Night (1967), which is his most lyrical and hallinatory work, Smesný Pan/ The Laughing Lord (1969), and Uz Zase Skacu Pres Kaluze/ I'm Jumping Over the Woods (1970), about a handicapped boy. The collaboration with Prochazka ended with the claustrophobic Ucho/ The Ear (1970), which was banned for 30 years. After a long hiatus, he returned with Lasky Mezi Kapkami Deste/ Love Between The Raindropš (1979), shot by Jan Curik, a melodrama set in the 1930s, Pozor Vizita/ Look Out Vizita (1981), Sestricky (1983), Fandy O Fandy (1982), Smrt Krasnych Srncu/ Death Of The Beautiful Sons (1986), etc. In his old age he mostly worked on television movies and series: Pocitani Ovecek/ Counting Sheep (1981), Duhova Kulicka/ The Spirit Ball (1985), Mestem Chodi Mikulaš/ St Nicholas is in Town (1992), The Cow (1993), almost without dialogue, etc. He died in 2004.

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