Karel Lamac

Best films:
, /10

Otravene Svetlo/ The Poisoned Light (1921) debuted the formidable trio of director Karel Lamac, cinematographer Otto Heller and actress Anny Ondra (born Anna Ondrakova) who went on to make many popular movies both in Prague and later in Germany, including Lucerna/ The Lantern (1925), an adaptation of Alois Jirasek’s 1905 play which marked the transition to longer films (80 minutes and longer). The screenwriter Vaclav Wasserman helped Lamac and Heller to adapt Jaroslav Hasek’s novel into the 86-minute film Dobry Vojak Svejk/ The Good Soldier Schweik (1925), starring the actor Karel Noll, basically an adaptation of Emil Artur Longen's dramatization of Hašek's novel which had featured the same actor.

Karel Lamac’s musical comedy C.a K. Polni Marsalek/ The False Marshal (1930), starring Vlasta Burian, the adaptation of a theatrical farce that Emil Artur Longen had written specifically for Burian, was one of the very first Czech talkies.

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