Gustav Machaty

6.0 The Kreutzer Sonata (1927)
6.0 Schweik in Civilian Life (1927)
6.8 Seduction (1929)
6.8 From Saturday to Sunday (1931)
6.9 Extase/ Ecstasy (1933)

Gustav Machaty too made a successful literary adaptation, Kreutzerova Sonata/ The Kreutzer Sonata (1927), from Lev Tolstoy's 1889 novella, photographed by Heller, and then continued the Hasek saga with Svejk v Civilu/ Schweik in Civilian Life (1927), but his major contribution to Czech cinema were the erotic melodramas Erotikon/ Seduction (1929), scripted by surrealist poet Vitezslav Nezval and photographed by Vaclav Vich, the film that launched the career of the Slovenian actress Ita Rina (born Italina Kravanja), and the talkie Extase/ Ecstasy (1933), photographed by Jan Stallich, with the famous scene of Austrian actress Hedwig Kiesler (later known as Hedy Lamarr) bathing naked in a pond. In between he also directed the realist drama Ze Soboty na Nedeli/ From Saturday to Sunday (1931), also scripted by Nezval and shot by Vich, with music by jazz musician Jaroslav Ježek.

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