Karoli Makk

6.8 Ward No 9 (1955),
6.7 Tale on the Twelve Points (1956),
6.5 The House Under the Rocks (1959)
6.4 Fanatics (1961)
6.8 Love (1970)
6.8 Another Way (1982)

Karoli Makk (Hungary, 1925) debuted with Liliomfi (1954), from Molnar. He then directed with Zoltan Varkonyi Simon Menyhert Szuletese/ The Birth of Simon Menyhert (1954), adapting a story by Tibor Dery, and on his own two films scripted by the influential intellectual Tibor Meray, A 9-es Korterem/ Ward No 9 (1955), photographed by Gyorgy Illes, and the satirical comedy Mese a 12 Talalatrol/ Tale on the Twelve Points (1956), photographed by Istvan Eiben.

Haz a Sziklak Alatt/ The House Under the Rocks (1959), written by Sandor Tatay and photographed by Gyorgy Illes, is a sentimental drama with expressionist overtones.

Megszaplottak/ Fanatics (1961), photographed by Gyorgy Illes, about an engineer who comes out of his existential spleen when he finds a mission in life which basically consists in defying the bureaucrats, signaled a change in the political mood of the regime, a relaxation of censorship.

Elveszett Paradicsom/ Lost Paradise (1962), starring Mari Torocsik

Szerelem/ Love (1970), a kammerspiel based on Tibor Dery's stories "Szerelem" (1956) and "Ket Asszony" (1962), set in 1953 during the communist purges, starring Lili Darvas and Mari Torocsik with cinematography by Janos Toth.

An aged woman is slowly dying Her spirited daughter-in-law Luca Janos, the old woman’s son and Luca’s husband, is a victim of the Rakosi-era purges,

Macskajatek/ Cat's Play (1973), adapted from Isztvan Orkeny’s play, reconstructs the lives of two elderly sisters via flashbacks.

Egy Erkolesos Ejszaka/ A Very Moral Night (1977) was his first comedy, an old-fashioned farce written by Peter Bacso (the Hungarian master of comedy), Sandor Hunyady and Istvan Orkeny: at the turn of the century a poor medical student take a room in a brothel.

Ket Tortenet a Felmultbol/ Two Stories from the Past (1979) another adaptation from Tibor Dery, describes the miserable conditions of workers.

Hdez a Sziklak Alatt/ House Under the Rocks (1958) is a rural love tragedy.

Egymasra Nezve/ Another Way (1982), set during the political repression of 1958, is about lesbian love.

Lily in Love (1984) was his first English-language film, another comedy.

Az Utolso Kezirat/ The Last Manuscript (1987), a bleak portrait of collective selfishness,

After the fall of communism he made Magyar Rekviem/ Hungarian Requiem (1991) in which five veterans of the 1956 revolution revisit their hopes.

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