Felix Mariassy

Best films:
, /10

Felix Mariassy debuted with Rokonok/ Relatives (1954), adapting Zsigmond Moricz's 1930 novel about an idealistic politician fighting corruption, Budapesti Tavasz/ Spring in Budapest (1955), based on Ferenc Karinthy’s novel, and the Cesare Zavattini-esque Egy Pikole Vilagos/ A Glass of Beer (1955), scripted by his wife Judit, a moving depiction of humble working-class families. Judit also scripted the bleak melodrama Kulvarosi Legenda/ Suburban Legend (1957), which was banned for "hopelessness and a false view of the working class.”

Felix and Judit Mariassy then directed: Csempeszek/ The Smugglers (1958), Almatlan Evek/ Sleepless Years (1959), and especially Imposztorok/ Impostors (1969), a grotesque depiction of the dissolution of the Habsburg Empire.

Felix Mariassy died in 1975, Judit in 1986.

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