Goran Markovic

6.8 Special Education (1977)
6.0 National Class Category Up to 785 Ccm (1979)
6.0 All That Jack's (1980)
5.5 Variola Vera (1982)
6.5 Taiwan Canasta (1985)
6.8 Reflections (1987)
6.8 The Meeting Point (1989)
6.7 Tito and Me (1992)
6.5 The Tragic Burlesque (1995)
6.0 The Tour (2008)

The Serbian director Goran Markovic debuted with Specijalno Vaspitanje/ Special Education (1977), which, besides starring Samardzic in one of his most famous roles, launched young actors Aleksandar Bercek and Branislav Lecic.

The comedy Nacionalna Klasa/ National Class (1979), starring Dragan Nikolic, Gorica Popovic and several pop stars, was a hit.

Majstori Majstori/ All That Jack's (1980)

Variola Vera (1982) reconstructs a famous outbreak of smallpox.

Tajvanska Kanasta/ Taiwan Canasta (1985) about the existential crisis and paranoia of a middle-aged architect who used to be a student protester in 1968

thriller Vec Vidjeno/ Reflections (1987), about a failed and frustrated pianist who, traumatized by events of his youth, becomes a killer

metaphysical horror Sabirni Centar/ The Meeting Point (1989)

Tito i Ja/ Tito and Me (1992), a satirical view of the 1950s from the eyes of a child,

Urnebesna Tragedija / The Tragic Burlesque (1995), about a group of mentally ill patients released in the streets of the city

Turneja/ The Tour (2008), set during the civil war in Bosnia,

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