Gabriel Mascaro

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Gabriel Mascaro (Brazil, 1983) debuted with Ventos de Agosto/ August Winds (2014).

despite a couple of tedious sex scenes, Boi Neon/ Neon Bull (2015) is a somber portrait of nomadic cowboys and cowgirls with no future condemned to live in a stinky wasteland and in a makeshift family.

Iremar works for an itinerant rodeo. He collects the tails of the bulls for his hobby: designing costumes. He searches for plastic mannequins in garbage dumps, and uses his somewhat sexy friend and coworker (and single mother) Galega as a model. This woman also performs as a red horny devil in a night-club. She and her teenage daughter Caca drive the truck that carries the cowboys from rodeo to rodeo. Iremar is a substitute father for Caca, ready to clean her when she falls into a puddle of cowshit. Iremar hugs and grooms a horse like a lover. While Caca is napping in the hammock, Iremar paints a bikini on the picture of a naked woman found in the porn magazine of his coworker Ze. Caca's mother is a rough woman who can fix her truck by herself. Iremar borrows a saw to cut the bust he found at the dump. Whenever he has spare time, he devotes himself to his dream of becoming a costume designer. Caca's father disappeared and the girl asks Iremar for a hug. Iremar flirts with Valquiria to get into the show of horses. He and Ze are trying to get the sperm of a top horse. In the most hilarious skit of the film, Caca masturbates the horse but she fails to catch the sperm in the bottle and Ze gets it in his face. Ze is later hired to take care of the horse and a young man, Junior, is sent to replace him. Traveling saleswomen try to sell the cowboys perfume. Galega has sex with Junior among the horses. She then performs as the red horse-headed devil in the night-club. One of the saleswomen, the very pregnant Geisy, leaves a gift for Iremar: cologne (badly needed in his job). At night she works in a clothing factory as a security guard. Iremar visits her to thank her and they have sex among the robotic sewing machines (a lengthy and boring scene).
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