Kira Muratova

6.5 Brief Encounters (1967)
6.5 The Long Farewell (1971)
6.5 Astenicheskiy Sindrom/ The Asthenic Syndrome (1989)

Kira Muratova Kira Muratova in Ukraine debuted with Nash Chestnyi Khleb/ Our Honest Bread (1964) and then specialized in provincial melodramas such as Korotkiye Vstrechi/ Brief Encounters (1967), in which she also acted, and Dolgie Provody/ The Long Farewell (1971, released only 16 years later). She struggled to complete Poznavaia Belyi Svet/ Exploring the Wide World (1978) and Sredi Serykh Kamnei/ Among the Gray Stones (1983), adapted from a Vladimir Korolenko story, but then was free to make Peremena Uchasti/ A Change of Fate (1987), adapted from Somerset Maugham’s play "The Letter", and Astenicheskii Sindrom/ The Asthenic Syndrome (1989) in the time of perestroika.

Chuvstvitelnyi Militsioner Uvlechenia/ Passions (1994)

Tri Istorii/ Three Stories (1997)

Vtorostepennye Liudi/ Second-class People (2001)

Nastroishchik/ The Tuner (2004) -->

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