Mikio Naruse

Best films:
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Mikio Naruse (Japan, 1905) was famous for working-class melodramas with female protagonists, mostly adaptations of female writer Fumiko Hayashi's stories.

Tsuma yo Bara no Yo ni/ Wife Be Like a Rose (1935)

Hideko no Shasho-san/ The Bus Conductress (1941)

Meshi/ Repast (1951) was the first of his six Fumiko Hayashi adaptations, followed by Inazuma/ Lightning (1952), Tsuma/ Wife (1953), based on the novel "Chairo no me" (1950), Bangiku/ Late Chrysanthemums (1954), based on three Hayashi short stories of 1948, and Ukigumo/ Floating Clouds (1955), perhaps the most famous of Hayashi's novels.

Another woman, Yoko Mizuki, scripted Okasan/ Mother (1952), Husband and Wife (1953), Older Brother Younger Sister (1953) and Sound of the Mountain (1954).

Onna ga kaidan o agaru toki/ When a Woman Ascends the Stairs (1960), perhaps his best,

Midaregumo/ Scattered Clouds/ Two in the Shadow (1967)

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