Alexander Payne
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Election (1999) Tracy e` la studentessa modella di un liceo. E` praticamente l'unica in gara per il posto di presidentessa degli studenti. Jim e` un insegnante bonario, a cui la ragazza, troppo diligente, e` un po' antipatica. Non solo: Tracy ha distrutto la carriera di un altro insegnante, suo amico, a causa di una loro relazione piu` o meno segreta. Jim incoraggia cosi` un ragazzo timido di famiglia ricca a presentarsi come secondo candidato. Il ragazzo, Paul, che non si e` mai sentito nessuno, si risveglia improvvisamente e si getta nell'avventura con entusiasmo, suscitando persino la gelosia della sorella Tammy, la pecora nera della famiglia. Tammy a sua volta decide di candidarsi. Jim intanto, nonostante il suo matrimonio sia praticamente perfetto, si e` invaghito della moglie dell'amico, Linda, e un giorno commette approfitta di un suo momento di debolezza. La moglie, informata da Linda, lo mette alla porta. Il giorno dell'elezione, dopo che Tracy ha usato tutti i trucchi legittimi e illegittimi per conservare il suo vantaggio su Paul, Jim non resiste e altera il verdetto dell'elettorato, facendo vincere Paul. Tracy scopre pero` il malfatto e lo denuncia, causandone le dimissioni. Jim finisce a insegnare in un museo di New York, e un giorno vede Tracy entrare nella limousine di un importante uomo politico. Una commedia adolescenziale alla rovescia, il cui eroe e` una ragazza antipatica che vince sempre. E sullo sfondo il mondo degli adulti che poco puo` contro la sua prevaricazione, segno che il futuro mondo degli adulti sara` ancora peggiore del loro. If English is your first language and you could translate this text, please contact me.
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The Descendants (2011) is a melancholy story that is part domestic comedy and part family drama in an exotic peaceful setting. A man faces his responsibilities towards many people and at the same time is given the power to establish the criteria for justice. Ultimately he convicts himself, acquits his adulterous wife, and finds a way to make sure that the other adulterer and the greedy relatives are not rewarded. His reward for a just settlement with this world is that he finally becomes a real father to his children. The action takes place in the relaxed atmosphere of Hawaii. Matt is a middle-aged lawyer whose wife is in a coma after a boat accident. He feels remorse because he neglected his family for his business but now is determined to make changes as soon as his wife recovers. He is taking care of their younger daughter Scotty and realizes that he hardly knows her. At the same time Matt is the trustee for a piece of land that his family inherited in the old days. Now the family has decided to sell it, and it will turn all of them into rich people. One day the doctor tells him that there is no hope: they have to unplug his wife and let her die. Matt absorbs the shock and decides to go fetch his elder daughter Alexandra. She's a rebellious teenager and he finds her drunk. he brings her home and scolds her but she talks back: he has been so clueless all this time that he didn't even realize his wife was cheating on him. Alexandra hated her mother for it. He runs to his wife's best friend and demands an explanation. He is told the name of the guy. Again, he absorbs the shock calmly. He realizes that he deserved it because he neglected his wife so much. But he decides that he wants to see the man, and so does Alexandra, who has brought her dumb boyfriend Sid with her. This Brian is currently out of town, precisely in the island where Matt's family property is located. Matt decides to fly there just to see Brian. Alexandra is determined to go with him and so they have to take Sid and Scotty with them too. It turns out that this Brian is the real estate agent who is going to make a lot of money when Matt's family estate is sold. Matt finds Brian accidentally while jogging and later meets his wife at the beach. Matt and Alexandra show up at Brian's place with the excuse of common acquaintances. Matt confronts Brian but avoids exposing him as an adulterer in front of his wife. Matt just wants to give Brian a chance to see the dying woman one last time. The meeting with Brian and the thought that he will get rich when Matt signs the paper for the land sale make Matt doubt. When the family gets together to witness the signing, Matt backs out, at the cost of creating lots of enemies. Being the trustee, if he doesn't sign, the sale cannot proceed. Matt and children fly back home. They are at the hospital when Brian's wife comes to visit. She is a decent woman and Brian has confessed to her. When he is left alone with his wife, Matt kisses her goodbye tenderly. After the cremation the family takes a boat and throws the ashes in the sea. His daughter Alexandra, meanwhile, has grown up and bonded with him. (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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