Donald Petrie
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Mooseport (2004) is a rather trivial comedy. A popular president, who divorced from the first lady, retires to the small town of Mooseport, and is offered to become the next mayor. Andy the plumber has been dating Sally the veterinarian for years, and never pops the question. Sally's smile actually conquers the president, and he accepts the job of mayor. Except that the same job had been offered to the plumber, and the plumber has also accepted. Initially, Andy is glad to withdraw. But when he realizes that the president has a date with his girl, Andy decides to go ahead and run against the president. This is embarrassing for the president's entourage, which does not welcome a fight with a plumber. The president's staff is mobilized to make sure that the president wins easily, but they have never faced such an opponent: he is honest. The media publicizes both the political and the romantic duel between the former president and his plumber. Things get more and more serious, as Sally dumps Andy and the president's faithful secretary resigns, both disgusted by their respective men. Eventually, one out of sincerity and love, and the other one out of political calculus, each candidate decides to back the other, further confusing the campaign. The president wins the election by one vote, his own: he cheated and voted for himself. He confesses publicly and refuses the job. But Andy also confesses the same sin, and returns the victory to the president. The president begs his secretary to stay, and Andy finally proposes to Sally (and confesses that he lied about voting for himself: he did win, but just didn't want to win). (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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