Lucian Pintilie

7.0 Reconstituirea/ Reconstruction (1968)
6.9 Terminus Paradis/ Next Stop Paradise (1998)
7.1 Balanta/ The Oak (1992)

Lucian Pintilie (Romania, 1933) started out in theater, and was the director of a major theater in Bucharest from 1960 to 1972. He also debuted in cinema with Duminica la ora Sase/ Sunday at Six o Clock (1965), followed by one of his major works, Reconstituirea/ Reconstruction (1968). In 1973 he moved to France and remained there until 1982, again working on theatrical productions as well as on operas. He also directed a third film, Paviljon VI/ Ward Six (1975), adapted from Chekhov's tale.

The satirical Why Are the Bells Ringing, Mitica? (1981) is an adaptation of Ion Luca Caragiale's plays.

After De ce Trag Clopotele, Mitica/ Carnival Scenes (1982) it took ten years to return to cinema, until communism fell.

He then returned to Romania and made the political farce Balanta/ The Oak (1992), set during the last days of Ceausescu's regime, which is also an apocalyptic parable.

Then came O Vara de Neuitat/ An Unforgettable Summer (1994), Trop Tard/ Too Late (1996), Terminus Paradis/ Next Stop Paradise (1998), Dupa-amiaza Unui/ The Afternoon of a Torturer (2001), Niki Ardelean, Colonel Ón Rezerva/ Niki and Flo (2003) and Tertium non Datur (2006).

He died in 2018.

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