Bretislav Pojar

Best films:
, /10

The Czech puppeteer Bretislav Pojar (1923) made countless animated shorts: the 17-minute Pernikova Chaloupka / The Pearl Cottage (1951), the 20-minute O Sklenicku Vic/ One Glass Too Many (1953), the 18-minute Paraplicko/ The Little Umbrella (1957), the 14-minute Lev A Pisnicka/ The Lion And The Letter (1959), the 11-minute Bombomanie/ Bomb Mania (1959), the 13-minute Pulnocni Prihoda/ Little Train (1960), the two satirical pieces Úvodni Slovo Pronese/ The Opening Speech (1962) and Biliar/ Billiard (1962), the 14-minute Romance (1962), which also has a creative soundtrack by Wiliam Bukový, and three collaborations with fellow puppeteer Miroslav Stepanek, namely Kocici Slovo/ The Cat's Word (1960), Malovani pro Kocku je Druhou Casti/ Painting for the Cat (1960) and Kocici Skola/ School for Cats (1961). In 1965 the two launched a series of slapstick cartoons featuring two bears, Pojdte Pane Budeme si Hrat/ Come on Sir Let's Play. Pojar emigrated to Canada where he made 14-minute Ilusologie/ To See or Not to See (1969).

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