Aleksandr Ptushko

6.8 Novyy Gullivyer/ New Gulliver (1935)
6.8 Ruslan and Ludmila (1972)
Aleksandr Ptushko: Ruslan and Ludmila (1972)

Aleksandr Ptushko (born Ptushkin) started out with shorts that combined puppet animation and live action. He combined stop-motion animation and live action in his first full-length film, Novyy Gullivyer/ New Gulliver (1935), Russia's first feature-length animated film. After World War II, he specialized in adaptations of folk tales that were mostly pretexts to experiment with visual effects: Kamennyy Tsvetok/ The Stone Flower (1946), starring Tamara Makarova, an oneiric fable which was Russia's first full-color movie, Sadko (1953), Ilya Muromets (1956), set in Mongol-occupied medieval Russia, and Sampo (1959), based on Finland's national epic "Kalevala". He closed his career with the monumental, 149-minute Ruslan and Ludmila (1972), an adaptation of Pushkin's poem.

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