Lynne Ramsay

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Lynne Ramsay

We Need To Talk About Kevin (2011) is a brutal psychological thriller, but this time its focus is on the shocked witness, the powerless spectator, the involuntary cause of the crime, and not so much about the criminal. The crime seems to be a direct emanation of the son's morbid hatred for his mother, of his insatiable desire to hurt her.

The film opens with images of a pagan ritual in which a crowd dances drenched in red paint. A woman, Eva, is hauled above the crowd and then in the red mud, and she's ecstatic.
Eva lives in a humble home whose front has been painted red. The windshield of her car has been painted red too.
Flashback show her previous life as the wealthy wife of a wealthy businessman living in a nice mansion with their little son.
Eva is tormented by a tragedy that affected the whole town. Another series of flashbacks shows a crowd of desperate mothers surrounding a building. They hate her.
Eva applies for a secretarial job and is hired. As she's walking towards her car, a passer-by recognizes her and punches her in the face. A man would like to help her but Eva says it's nothing.
She visits someone in a prison but we don't see his face. They don't talk.
A flashback shows Eva giving birth to a boy and then raising him in the mansion with her loving husband. The child is not normal: he refuses to talk, to play, to smile. Longer and longer flashbacks show that the child remained hostile to his mother. He was a little monster to her, but nice and brilliant with everybody else, especially his father. His father got him a bow and arrows, which quickly became his favorite passtime. Frustrated by this child, she decided to have another one, and a girl was born. Now a teenager, Kevin still behaved as if he despised his mother and enjoyed humiliating her. Then one day he left out some dangerous chemicals and his sister burned her eye. His sister was left blind from one eye. Far from apologizing or feeling guilty, he made fun of the girl and ate a cooked egg as if it were an eye.
In the present Eva is scrubbing red paint from the walls of her house and going to work and doing little else with her life.
His father gave Kevin a niec Christmas present: a real bow with real arrows. Then Kevin mail-ordered some powerful bike locks, telling his parents that he wanted to sell them to schoolmates. Instead he used them to lock all the gates of his high school and then methodically killed his schoolmates with his bow. When the police finally opened the front door, Kevin simply surrendered to them. Eva went back home looking for her husband: he and the little girl were lying outside, killed the same way by the same bow. Kevin had left only her alive, as if the whole point was to hurt her and maximize her pain. He is the one she visits at the prison. She tells him that she wants to understand why he did. He replies that he doesn't know.
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