John Requa and Glenn Ficarra

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John Requa and Glenn Ficarra

Crazy Stupid Love (2011) is harmless domestic comedy with the stereotypical happy ending while condoning adultery and promiscuity, which are not the usual Hollywood values.

Cal is a middle-aged man who has loved his wife Emily since he was 15. They have three children, the older one Hannah being an aspiring lawyer and the second one Robby being the brightest teenager in high school. One night Emily tells Cal that she slept with her coworker Kevin. His world falls apart. Their marriage is over. Meanwhile, a handsome womanizer, Jacob, tries in vain to seduce Hannah in a bar the way he seduces all the others. Hannah has set high standards for herself and hopes that her boss at the law firm will propose to her. Cal and Emily use their friend Bernie's daughter Jessica as their babysitter. Robby is madly in love with her, but she doesn't pay attention to him because he is four years younger. Robby does not know (and nobody knows) that Jessica is secretely in love with Cal himself. Cal meets Jacob and Jacob decides to help the miserable Cal. Jacob transforms him into a maestro of seduction but the real success comes when Cal plays himself to a humble teacher, Kate. Then Cal becomes a womanizer himself. Jessica hears from her parents that Cal is sleeping with younger women. Desperate, Jessica asks an experienced friend how to seduce older men and receives the advice to send him sexy pictures. Jessica takes pictures of herself naked and puts them in envelop addressed to Cal. Meanwhile, Cal has come to realize that he too is at fault if his wife lost interest in him. He would make peace if they were not summoned by the teacher of Robby, a teacher who happens to be... the very Kate who slept with Cal, a fact that becomes obvious during the conversation. Emily and Cal walk out of the meeting yelling at each other in front of all the other parents. Cal admits having slept with nine women and this time it is Emily's turn to be humiliated. At a gathering of the law firm Hannah is disappointed that her boss asks her to become a partner in the firm but not to become his wife. She runs out of the place and straight into Jacob's arms. Hannah is curious how men like Jacob seduce their victims and interrogates him. Jacob is fascinated by a woman who is clearly not the kind of woman he picks up in bars. He falls in love with her, not knowing that she is Cal's daughter. Jessica's parents find her naked pictures addressed to Cal. Bernie gets into the car and drives to Cal's place. Jessica chases him trying to explain that Cal doesn't even know about the pictures. Meanwhile Cal has decided to make peace with his wife in front of his children. He is shocked when Hannah walks in with her fiance: Jacob. Then Bernie bursts in and tries to kill Cal. Then Kevin walks in and is beaten by Jacob. At the end of the riot, Cal tells Jacob that he will never give his approval, Robby is heartbroken that Jessica is in love with his dad, and Kevin is no longer excited to get Emily. Now Cal has also lost his children besides his wife and his friends. Everybody attends Robby's graduation. Robby's speech becomes very personal and Cal steps in. Cal pledges eternal love to his wife Emily and Robby shouts his love for Jessica. They are all reconciled and life returns to normal. Jessica even gives Robby a special gift: the naked pictures.
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