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Jay Roach directed comedian Mike Meyers in the James Bond spoof Austin Powers (1997).

Austin Powers is famous and sexy spy in England in 1967, the age of psychedelic rock and free sex. His sworn enemy Dr Evil tries to assassinate and flees in a cryogenic rocket. He is frozen for 30 years with his dog. Then in 1997 the rocket is spotted over the USA and the US secret services alert the British. The Cold War is over and the wild Sixties are also over. It turns out that Austin volunteered to be cryogenically preserved too for the day when Dr Evil resurfaced. The British secret services reanimate him and assign him a sexy but prudish partner whom he immediately proceeds to flirt with. Meanwhile, Dr Evil holds his first meeting in a secret location in the USA. He rudely eliminates the cohort who made a mistake in the reanimation process, thereby turning his dog into a monster. He introduces to each other an old German lady, a herculean Korean and a serial killer. And he introduced to them Number 2, who has been running the operations of the gang and has turned them into a multinational. Dr Evil has a new evil plan: to steal a nuclear weapon from a former Soviet republic and then blackmail the world threatening its destruction. The old lady reveals to Dr Evil that they scientifically created his son, Scott, who is now a teenager who hates the father he never saw. Austin and his prudish mission partner Vanessa fly to Las Vegas in his private plane, decorated in Sixties themes. He tries again to seduce her in his rotating bed under psychedelic lights but she sweats to never have sex with him. They take a room in a casino and soon they are blackjack at a table with Number 2. The serial killer tries to kill him while he is using the toilet of the restrooms but Austin disposes of him in the toilet. Vanessa phones her mother and discovers that she was one of Austin's many lovers. Vanessa's mom tries to explain the atmosphere of free sex of the Sixties. Austin breaks into the apartment of Number 2's Italian girlfriend Alotta Fagina (a name that sounds like "a lot of vagina") and shivers with lusting desire while he sees her stripping. She seduces him and later Vanessa gets jealous. Meanwhile, the old German lady introduces to Dr Evil the three sexy blondes who are living deadly weapons. Dr Evil joins a group of parents who are trying to regain the love of their children couched by a psychologist. The therapy fails. Austin has trouble adjusting to the 1990s. Fo example he tries to play a compact disc on a turtable. He watches footage of the Moon landing and of the fall of the Berlin wall. Austin and Vanessa take a tour of Number 2's corporation disguised as exotic tourists. They attack two employees and steal their clothes. The Korean however finds them and kidnaps them. Transported to Dr Evil's hideout, they are told by Dr Evil that he intends to destroy every city in the world even if the United Nations pay the ransom. Dr Evil is surrounded by Number 2, Fagina, the old German lady, the Korean and the son Scott. Dr Evil conceives a very elaborate way to kill the hostages and Scott doesn't understand why he can't just shoot them. Austin and Vanessa manage to escape after killing the guard (every time they kill someone, the film shows the devastating pain that the death causes to the family and friends of the victim) while Dr Evil prepares to launch the nuclear weapon. Just then the murderous blondes attack Austin with their irresistible seduction techniques. Austin counterattacks with his own seduction techniques until their heads literally explode. When Vanessa arrives leading a squad of soldiers, she finds him naked. Together again, they attack Dr Evil just in time to stop the missile. Austin finds Dr Evil but Fagina takes Vanessa hostage. Ten Austin grabs Dr Evil's son Scott hostage but Dr Evil doesn't care about Scott's life. Number 2 tries to betray Dr Evil but Dr Evil kills him and then flies away in his cryogenic capsule. Austin and Vanessa barely escape the detonation that destroys the hideout. Austin and Vanessa get married and escape one more assassination attempt (by the Korean). As they stare outside their balcony, they pot Dr Evil's rocket orbiting around the Earth.

The adventures of Austin Powers were continued on The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999).

The film restarts from the honeymoon suite where Austin and Vanessa are celebrating their wedding. Suddenly Austin realizes that he can use the TV remote to rewind his own life (the movie that we are watching). He clicks on the remote and gets Vanessa to pause, rewind, mute and even change language. It's a sign that Vanessa is a fembot. She tries to kill him but fails and then explodes. Dr Evil is back. The US secret services spot him on a TV show (a real TV show of the 1990s, famous for inciting participants to get into fights). The TV host has invited kids who have problems with fathers, including Scott, and surprises Scott by having Dr Evil live on the show. Dr Evil soon get into a vicious fight with another participant and then with the host himself. Back at his new headquarters, Dr Evil is told by his old German cohort that, while he was frozen, they engineered a clone of him, except that the close has come out very small. He christens him Mini-me. The childlike Mini-me is as evil as Dr Evil. Dr Evil thinks that Austin always defeats him because Austin has "mojo" and has invented a time machine to go back in the Sixties and steal his mojo. Scott tries in vain to explain to his father that a time machine would allow him to kill Austin before Austin can become a threat. Number 2 tries in vain to explain that, with a time machine, he could become rich with financial speculations. Meanwhile, Austin is back in England, taking pictures of sexy models Rebecca and Yvonne. Dr Evil travels back to 1969 with Mini-me, where he finds younger versions of Number 2 and the German Frau. Austin is still frozen, guarded by a fat Scot, who is actually a spy for Dr Evil and who steals his "mojo". The secret service sends him back to 1969 using a car, a parody of the film "Back to the Future". Austin is catapulted in the middle of a 1969 party, where girls faint upon just seeing him. A sexy woman a man try to kill him in every possible way but he is rescued by a pole dancer, Felicity, who turns out to be a US secret agent. Meanwhile, the Fat Bastard delivers Austin's mojo to Dr Evil, who immediately turns into an irresistible seducer (but the victim is the ugly frigid German Frau). Felicity, who knows that Austin is from the future, takes Austin to visit the Austin who is still frozen in the cryogenic chamber, and who has lost his mojo. Austin can't make love to Felicity. Felicity is charged with finding Fat Bastard and tagging him with an electronic device, so she have sex with him. Dr Evil has created a laser that, deployed on the Moon, will be able to destroy Washington. He asks for ransom from the president of the USA, making a lot of references to the culture of the 1990s that the president (in 1969) doesn't understand. Meanwhile, Felicity and Austin have tracked down his hideout, a volcano island. (Hilarious scene of them in the tent and the guards watching their silhuettes that project the illusion of her pulling out objects from his anus) The guards discover Austin and Felicity and Dr Evil orders to arrest them alive. Scott gets angry that every time Dr Evil misses his opportunity to kill Austin. Dr Evil and Mini-me board the rocket bound for the Moon with the laser. The rocket looks like a giant penis with testicles. Austin and Felicity escape and board a rocket to the Moon. They attack Dr Evil's base. Austin ejects Mini-me into space but Dr Evil's men capture Felicity and lock her in a cage. Austin manages to deflect the laser and save Washington, but Dr Evil kills Felicity: Austin couldn't save both Washington and his girl, he had to choose. Austin is about to finish Dr Evil when Dr Evil reveals that he has a time machine with which Austin can travel back a few minutes and reverse the decision: save Felicity and let the laser hit Washington. Austin jumps into the time machine and reemerges just ten minutes before the scene that we have just watched. And there are two Austins: the current Austin and the Austin of ten minutes ago. And Felicity is alive, locked in a cage. But now there are two Austins: one deflects the laser and one saves Felicity. Dr Evil destroys the bottle that contains Austin's mojo and then presses the button to destroy the base. Austin is desperate that he lost his mojo forever but Felicity explains to him that he just saved the Earth and defeated Dr Evil again and promises that he's going to get the girl (herself) which means that he doesn't need his mojo. Austin and Felicity jump into the time machine and choose to travel together to 1999. The Fat Bastard breaks into their place disguised as a delivery boy but she neutralizes him. Meanwhile, in 1969 Mini-me floats into the penis-shaped rocket that flies away and people on the Earth watch it cross the sky. After the end of the movie, we see an appendix: Scott is again the guest on that TV show and this time the host calls his mother, and Frau shows up, revealing that he was product of that one wild night between her and Dr Evil. They hug. Another ending shows Felicity in bed with someone when Austin arrives: she is in bed with... the other Austin.
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