Janos Rozsa

Best films:
, /10

Janos Rozsa (Hungary, 1937) debuted with Gyerekbetegsegek/ Children's Diseases (1965), co-directed with Ferenc Kardos, and Bubajosok/ Magicians 1970). He then directed: Almodo Ifjusag/ Dreaming Youth (1974), the satirical comedy Pokfoci/ Spider Football (1976), Csatater/ Battlefield (1978), the historical drama A Trombitas/ The Trumpeter (1979), Vasarnapi Szulok/ Sunday Parents (1980), written by Istvan Kardos, about female juvenile delinquents in prison, Csok Anyu/ Love Mother (1987), written by Miklos Vamos and photographed by Elemer Ragalyi, Brats/ Felalom (1991), Jo Ejt Kiralyfi/ Good Night Prince (1993), and Csiribiri (2009).

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