Eldar Ryazanov

6.7 Carnival Night (1956)
6.5 Hussar Ballad (1962)
6.2 Watch Out for the Automobile (1966)
6.5 Irony of Fate or Have a Good Sauna (1975)
6.8 The Garage (1979)
6.6 Station for Two (1983)

Eldar Ryazanov, a pupil of Grigorii Kozintsev and Ivan Pyryev, debuted with the musical Vesennie Golosa/ Spring Voices, the blueprint for his satirical musical comedies Karnavalnaya Noch/ Carnival Night (1956), starring Igor Ilyinsky, Devushka Bez Adresa/ Girl without Address (1957), and Gusarskaya Ballada/ Hussar Ballad (1962).

He also made Chelovek Niotkuda/ Man from Nowhere (1961), but perhaps this satire was one too many because it was basically banned.

The hits were followed by Gusarskaia Ballada/ Husar Ballad (1962), set during the 1812 Napoleonic invasion, Daite Zhalobnuiu Knigu/ Hand Me the Complaint Book (1964), another hit, and Beregis' Avtomobilia/ Watch Out for the Automobile (1966), another hilarious satire scripted by Emil Braginsky.

His farces became more trivial: Zigzag Udachi/ Zigzag of Luck (1968) and Starikirazboiniki/ Old Men Robbers (1972) and the Italian co-production Neveroiatnye Prikliucheniia Italiantsev v Rossii/ The Unbelievable Adventures of Italians in Russia (1974).

Leonid Gaidai was his only rival during the Brezhnev period.

Ironiia Sudby ili S Legkim Parom/ Irony of Fate or Have a Good Sauna (1975) is a musical fairy tale originally made for television and based on a popular theatrical production.

He turned to a more romantic theme with Sluzhebnyi Roman/ An Office Romance (1978), another hit, before finding again his top satirical form in Garazh/ The Garage (1979), scripted again by Braginsky and starring Innokenty Smoktunovsky, and Vokzal Dlya Dvoikh/ Train Station for Two (1983), scripted again by Emil Braginsky, starring Liudmila Curchenko, Oleg Basilashvili and Nikita Mikhalkov is a sentimental love story that contains a satire of the black market economy,

Zhestokii Romans/ A Cruel Romance (1984) was an adaptation of Aleksandr Ostrovsky's play "Bespridannitsa/ Without Dowry", starring Nikita Mikhalkov.

Then came: Chastnaia Zhizn/ Private Life (1983), Vremia Zhelanii/ Time of Desires (1984), Zabytaia Melodiia dlia Fleity/ Forgotten Tune for Flute (1987), Dorogaia Elena Sergeevna/ Dear Elena Sergeevna (1988), Predskazanie/ The Prophecy (1991), Nebesa Obetovannye/ Promised Heavens (1993), Privet Duralei/ Hi There Fools (1996), Starye Kliachi/ Old Hags (2000), Kliuchi ot Spalni/ Keys to the Bedroom (2003), etc.

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