Larisa Shepitko

6.8 The Ascension (1977)

Ukrainian filmmaker Larisa Shepitko, who studied with Dovzhenko, debuted with Znoy/ Heat (1963), her graduation thesis, set in the steppes of Central Asia during the Stalin era, followed by Krylya/ Wings (1966), about a heroic woman soldier who after the war is sent to take care of restless students in a provincial town. After Ty i Ja/ You and Me (1971), her only color film, she made the black-and-white war movie Voskhozhdeniye/ The Ascent (1977), about partisans in Nazi-occupied Belarus, adapted from Vasil Bykau's novella "Sotnikov/ The Ordeal" (1970), full of Christian symbolism, with cinematography by Pavel Lebeshev and music by Alfred Schnittke.

She didn't finish the plot-less philosophical Proshchanie/ Farewell (1982), based on Valentin Rasputin's novel, that was completed by her husband Elem Klimov.

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