Vasily Shukshin

6.5 There Is Such a Lad (1964)
6.5 Happy Go Lucky (1972)
6.8 The Red Snowball Tree (1973)

Vasily Shukshin, born in a Siberian village, also a writer of “country prose,” directed the pastoral comedies Zhivyot Takoy Paren/ There Is Such a Lad (1964) and Pechki-lavochki/ Happy Go Lucky (1972), the movies that turned Ivan Ryzhov into a star, but also Strannye Liudi/ Strange People (1970) and Pechkilavochki/ Shop Crumbs (1973). His film noir Kalina Krasnaia/ The Red Snowball Tree (1973), the biggest commercial success of Soviet cinema, with Ivan Ryzhov in his most memorable part. Shukshin died in 1974.

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