Scott Stewart

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Scott Stewart

Priests (2011) is a futuristic horror with spaghetti-western overtones.

The Church has created a Cathedral City which is an absolute dictatorship ruled according to the motto "Faith Work and Security". Its power depends on its ability to protect the people from the vampires, which have been defeated and kept in their own reservation. The Church has trained a small number of "priests" who are actually superwarriors in charge of fighting the few remaining vampires at large. The Hero loses his best friend in one of these encounters. The priests live a secluded life, isolated from and avoided by the rest of the population. The vampires attack an isolated outpost in the desert where a religious family lives. They kill the mother, mortally wound the father (who happens to be the Hero's brother) and kidnap their teenage daughter, Lucy. The Hero is informed by a friend of his brother, Higgs, who also happens to be in love with Lucy, of the attack. The Hero asks permission to chase the vampires but the cardinal in charge of the Cathedral City refuses to grant him permission because he does not want the people to know that there are still vampires at large. The Hero is admonished that disobedience amounts to immediate excommunication. The Hero decides to rebel and takes off with Higgs. The cardinal orders the other priests to chase him, and the squad includes the chaste Heroine who secretely loves him. The Hero reaches the outpost just in time to hear his brother's last words and promises to kill the vampires and rescue Lucy. Hero and Higgs ride superfast motorcycles to the reservation and find that the vampires are on the loose. The Heroine has defected and wants to join the Hero. The trio realizes that the vampires are attacking the nearby town. In fact, the town is being devastated. By the time the trio reaches the town, three priests have been crucified and the town has become a ghost town with not a single soul left. The Heroine comments that there must be many mouths to feed if the whole population has disappeared. They realize that the vampires are traveling in a train: they move by day and feed by night. They also guess that the train's final destination if the Cathedral City, left unprotected after the Hero fled and the cardinal sent the others to chase him. Kidnapping Lucy was a trap to draw the Hero away. What they don't know is that the leader of the vampires is the Hero's best friend, who has becme a vampire. Higgs does not trust the Hero: he knows that the Hero will kill Lucy if she has been infected; but the Hero reveals that Lucy is his daughter, raised by his brother. The trio rides through the desert and catches up with the train. While Higgs explores the cars full of cocoons in which the vampires are sleeping, and the Heroine looks for a way to blow up the train, the Hero finds his old friend, who tells him that the queen of the vampires turned him into a rare human vampire. The Hero refuses to join their ranks and the two fight a kungfu duel on the roof of the train. Higgs joins the Hero and they find where the traitor keeps Lucy, but the traitor is stronger: Higgs is blown off the train, and the Hero is left to die in a burning car. However, the Hero frees himself, Higgs finds a convenient motorcycle and the Heroine blows up the train (by riding straight into hit). In the resulting explosion everybody dies except (of course) the trio and Lucy. Lucy joins her beau Higgs. The Hero and the Heroine are a chaste couple. The Hero returns to the Cathedral City to show everybody the evidence of the vampires and to tell everybody that the Churd is lying. Then he and the Heroine leave to continue their crusade.
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