Jan Sverak
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6.8 The Elementary School (1991)
6.0 The Ride (1994)
6.8 Akumulator 1 (1994)
7.0 Kolya (1996)
6.6 Dark Blue World (2001)

Jan Sverak (1965), the son of screenwriter and actor Zdenek Sverak, debuted with the student film Ropaci/ Oilgobblers (1988), followed by Obecna Skola/ The Elementary School (1991), scripted by his father Jizda/ The Ride (1994) and the more ambitious Akumulator 1 (1994), another collaboration with his father.

Kolya (1996), written by his father again, is a lyrical parable that mixes personal and public events in an elegant, graceful manner.

Louka lives in Prague in 1988, when the communist regime of Czechoslovakia is about to fall apart, and makes a living as a cello player. He is an opinionated anti-communist (for which he lost his position with the national orchestra and is now reduced in extreme poverty) and an inveterate womanizer, still a single at 55. His friend Broz introduces him to a young Russian woman, who had a child from her German lover and needs Czech citizenship to avoid deportation back to Russia: her aunt is willing to pay for a marriage of convenience. Louka accepts and, before he knows, the bride flees to Germany leaving behind the child, Kolya. The aunt has a stroke and Louka is asked to take care of the child. Louka tries to get rid of the child (who only speaks Russia, the language that Louka hates), but the child likes him. Louka has no choice. The child follows him to the funerals where Louka plays for money. Soon, Louka begins to care for the child. One of Louka's women, Klara, helps him take care of Kolya. When communism falls and people celebrate their freedom (including the secret police that had interrogated Louka), Kolya's mother can return and pick up the child. Louka is readmitted to the symphony orchestra. As he performs, his lover watches him: she is pregnant.

Tmavomodry Svet/ Dark Blue World (2001), written again by his father,

Tatinek/ Daddy (2004)

Vratne Lahve/ Empties (2007)

Kuky se Vraci/ Kooky (2010)

Tri Bratri/ Three Brothers (2014)

Po Strnisti Bos/ Barefoot (2017) is a prequel to The Elementary School.

Betlemske Svetlo/ Bethlehem Night (2022)

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