Gyorgy Szomjas

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Gyorgy Szomjas (Hungary, 1940) was an innovator of cinematic language, both in terms of composition and montage, despite making generally light-weight movies. He started out with two films modeled after Sergio Leone's "spaghetti-western": Talpunk Alatt Futyul a Szel/ The Wind Whistles under their Feet (1976) and Rosszemberek/ Bad People (1979), both set in a "wild east" of the 19th century, among legendary bandits and heroes.

He then moved into the sphere of humor with the rock musical Kopaszkutya/ Bald Dog (1981), written by Istvan Kardos, the violent story of a rock band in a working-class neighborhood, the stylish and absurdist comedy Konnyu Testi Sertes/ Tight Quarters/ Minor Assault (1983) and Falfuro/ Wall Drill (1986).

Mr Universe (1987) is instead a "road movie" in which two Hungarian documentary makers embark on a quest for a former Hungarian movie star in America.

After Konnyu Ver/ Light Blood/ Fast and Loose (1989) about the adventures of two nude models and Kobanya Blues (1990), he returned to comedy with Roncsfilm Vagy mi Van ha Gyoztunk? Wreck Movie or What if we Won? (1992), which launched the careers of Andras Szoke, Sandor Badar and Zoltan Mucsi.

He then directed: Csokkal es Korommel/ Kisses and Scratches (1995), a film about lesbian love, Gengszterfilm/ Gangster movie (1999), based on Zoltan Tabori's book "Nagyvadak", a comedy about a couple of criminals (played by Zoltan Mucsi and Peter Scherer), Vagabond (2002) about street children, and A Nap Utcai Fiuk/ The Nap Street Boys (2007), about a love triangle set in the fateful days of the failed revolution and Soviet invasion of 1956.

He died in 2021.

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