Istvan Szots

Best films:
, /10

Istvan Szots rose to prominence with the lyrical Dovzhenko-esque rural drama Emberek a Havason/ The Mountain People (1942), starring future star Janos Gorbe, adapted from Jozsef Nyiro's stories about the villagers of Transylvania.

Enek a Buzamezokrol/ The Song of the Cornfields (1948), featuring the same cast, an adaptation of Ferenc Mora's 1927 novel, was banned until 1979.

Szots resurfaced after seven years with the 29-minute documentary Kovek Varak Emberek/ Stones Castles People (1955), again devoted to the rural world, and the 47-minute Christmas-themed fairy tale Melyiket a Kilenc Kozul?/ Which of the Nine? (1956).

Szots, Hungary's most talented filmmaker of the 1940s, was unable to complete another film and emigrated to Austria in 1956, where he spent the rest of his life in obscurity.

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