Rangel Vulchanov

Best films:
7.2 Lachenite Obuvki na Neznayniya Voin/ The Unknown Soldier's Patent Leather Shoes (1979)
6.9 Na Malkiya Ostrov/ On a Small Island (1958)

Rangel Vulchanov collaborated with the poet and playwright Valeri Petrov on the lyrical prison movie Na Malkiya Ostrov/ On a Small Island (1958), followed by Parvi Urok/ First Lesson (1960) and Slantseto i Syankata/ Sun and Shadow (1962), about the anxiety for a possible nuclear holocaust.

Vulchanov emerged as one of the strongest figures of Bulgarian cinema, capable of directing both a crime thriller like Inspektorat i Noshta/ The Inspector and the Night (1963), scripted by Bogomil Rainov, photographed by Dimo Kolarov (the most influential cinematographer of the decade) and starring Konstantin Kotsev, Naum Shopov and Kokanova, and a political satire like Ezop/ Aesop (1970), written by Wagenstein and set in an Ancient Greece that is an allegory for the Soviet Union.

Tarsi se Spomen (1964), Valchitsata (1965) Dzhesi Dzeyms sreshtu Lokum Shekerov/ Jesse Zeims vs Lokum Shekerov (1966) are minor movies.

Tvar pod Maskou (1971)

Byagstvo v Ropotamo/ Escape to Ropotamo (1973) is a musical.

Sledovatelyat i Gorata/ The Investigating Judge and the Forest (1975) is a crime movie.

Vulchanov teamed with screenwriter Valeri Petrov for the existential fable S Lyubov i Nezhnost/ With Love and Tenderness (1978) and then crafted by himself the nostalgic and Fellini-esque Lachenite Obuvki na Neznayniya Voin/ The Unknown Soldier's Patent Leather Shoes (1979), from a screenplay that he wrote in 1963 and photographed by Radoslav Spassov, the history of modern Bulgaria viewed through the eyes of a child, possibly his best film, a kaleidoscope of vignettes that pay tribute to traditional rural life and to the persistence of pagan rituals, contrasting oneiric visions with gruesome reality.

In the 1980s he directed several documentaries but also: Posledni Zhelaniya/ Last Wishes (1983), written by Miryana Basheva, Gena Dimitrova (1984), a biopic of an opera singer, Za Kude Putuvate (1986), A Dnes Nakade?/ Where Do We Go From Here? (1988), written by Georgi Danailov.

He closed his career with Nemirnata Ptitza Lyubov/ The Restless Lovebird (1990) and Fatalna Nezhnost (1993), about the murder committed in a city where everybody is immortal.

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